Odd Fellows

Moving the Odd Fellows building in Salt Lake City, Utah, required over 55 dollies and beams in order to support the 2,500-ton historic structure after it had been jacked and cribbed. The move earned Emmert several industry awards.

Over 40 years of experience

Emmert International was one of the first companies to move structures as large as residential homes, starting in the Portland area in 1968. In the 1980s, Emmert International expanded our business by moving equipment for the power industry.

BBCX 1000

Emmert not only owns and operates one of the largest railcars in the world, the 20-axle BBCX 1000, we also provide full service rail logistics services for all kinds of rail projects.

Spruce Goose

Howard Hughes built the indomitable Spruce Goose in 1947. The 150-ton plane has an entirely wooden frame and a wingspan of over 320 feet. Emmert International is proud to have been part of its transport from Long Beach, California, to McMinnville, Oregon.

FCC Converter Project

Emmert International helped to transport this 950-ton FCC Converter safely to a Washington refinery.

500-Ton Engine - Bahamas

Emmert International transported and set on its foundation this 500-ton engine in the Bahamas.

Levitated Mass

LACMA's Levitated Mass, transported by Emmert International.