Hanging Beam Dolly System

Transformer on a 12-dolly hanging beam transport system.

70-Ton Dollies

Our elegantly simple dollies with integrated jacks are a benchmark of equipment used in the specialized transportation industry. Many of our competitors own Emmert dollies.

Emmert Dollies

Emmert International has hundreds of dollies in our fleet that can be custom designed to transport the heaviest of cargos.

BBCX 1000

Emmert International owns and operates a BBCX 1000 railcar that is perfect for over-dimensional rail transportation. We used it to move this 750-thousand-pound generator from Houston, Texas, to Gillette, Wyoming.

Barge Transportation

Emmert International transports hundreds of pieces of cargo on barges every year.

Tower Lift System

Emmert International has a tower lift system capable of lifting hundreds of tons of cargo in a single lift.

Platform Trailers

Emmert International owns and operates hundreds of lines of platform trailer, including the new PST-E series trailers.

CA/THP Trailers

Emmert International owns and operates a fleet of California-compliant platform trailers.

350-ton, 450-ton, 700-ton Gantries

Emmert International owns and operates a fleet of heavy lift gantries including 350-ton, 450-ton, and 700-ton capacities.

Specialized Equipment Fabrication

Our Specialized Equipment Fabrication

We design, engineer, and manufacture the specialized equipment used in many of the most massive and technically complex projects that we execute. If we don’t already have the right equipment, we have the skills, tools, and materials necessary to engineer and custom-build a heavy lift system specifically suited for the unique demands of your project.

Thanks to this unique capability, we are able to offer safe, effective, and efficient service, no matter what the job. These capabilities have earned us international recognition as an industry leader in heavy haul logistics and solutions.

Contact us today, and let us provide your heavy-haul solution.