Conventional Power

The rugged northwest corner of Oregon, on the Columbia River. After weeks of weather delays, Emmert International transports the last HRSG module to a new power plant in Clatskanie, Oregon.

Oil, Gas, and Chemical

Reactor vessel en route from Houston, Texas, to Idaho.

Nuclear Power

Replacement RSG transport .


Rocket section transport.

Mining and Minerals

Sulfate reactor vessel removal.


Ferry Boat transport from Utah to British Columbia.


Our Markets

Our dedicated and professional management, logistics personnel, and responsive safe crews exceed deadlines during equipment change-outs and shutdowns, resulting in significant cost savings for customers in a wide variety of markets.

With our high level of planning, quality, and detail we put into every task we have been able to excel in the time-critical environment of nuclear plant outages and turnarounds. Our extensive use of the latest in planning and scheduling technology has put us at the forefront of the industry.

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We’ve been providing specialized transportation and rigging solutions to hundreds of power generating and distribution customers for decades. Our unique team approach to your equipment transportation and installation needs is backed by our award-winning professionals experienced in new, replacement, and shutdown operations.

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We have extensive experience moving and loading components onto and off of barges, transporting and launching private yachts, small ships, and commercial barges, direct discharge, and RO-RO activities. We’ve worked with companies such as Vigor, Zidell Marine Corporation, West Shore Constructors, Ltd., and GW Holmes.

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Logistics, expertise, and the right equipment have earned Emmert International the trust and confidence to be a transportation leader in the Aerospace industry.

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Emmert International success providing services in the Oil, Gas, and Chemical markets is attributed to our world-class innovation and safety. On the ground our field personnel are known industry-wide for exceptional planning and the safe execution of projects required to work in some of the most hazardous conditions.

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Emmert International’s innovative specialized transportation and heavy lifting solutions have the capacity to handle the enormous scale required in the mining and minerals industry.

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Our Wind Energy Market With our experienced Wind Services team, we have streamlined the project management, permitting, transportation, and accounting processes to meet the complex needs of our clients. Our outstanding service and safety record are notable—all components delivered on-time or ahead-of-schedule with no damaged units, claims or service failures.

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