Equipment Installation

Installation of a gas turbine and generator delivered to the project site by Emmert International, employing the use of our 450-ton gantry.

BBCX 1000

Emmert International's BBCX 1000 transporting a generator from Houston, Texas, to a new power plant located in Wyoming.

Steam Turbine

Emmert International's tower system, employed to set a steam turbine over 60 feet above grade elevation.

Transformer Setting

Emmert International transported and up-righted this transformer, delivered to a wind farm substation.

Conventional Power

Our Conventional Power Market

We’ve been providing specialized transportation and rigging solutions to hundreds of power generating and distribution customers for decades. Our unique team approach to your equipment transportation and installation needs is backed by our award-winning professionals, experienced in new, replacement, and shutdown operations. Whether its turbines, transformers, generators, steam drums, HRSG components, or boilers, we have the people and equipment to accommodate the most unique needs.

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Power Boiler Transport

Power Boiler

The backbone of conventional steam generation is the power boiler. Emmert International has transported and lifted thousands of boilers over the past 50+ years including steam, biomass, tube, regeneration, and heat recovery boilers.


Heat Recovery Steam Generators - HRSG

Heat recovery steam generators capture the heat generated by the turbines on power projects making the facilities much more efficient. Our innovative dual-lane platform trailers are perfectly suited to provide the support that these complex boilers require during transport.



Transformers are the core of the electrical grid system. Transporting, lifting, and setting transformers requires a great deal of muscle and precision. Here, Emmert International is transporting one of many new transformers to a wind farm in eastern Washington.

Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger

Transportation of a heat exchanger to a solar plant in Arizona, employing a bolster on two, 12-axle railcars. Emmert International transported 6 of these heat exchangers to the power plant. These exchangers are an integral part of a Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST), which uses thermal energy storage so that output can be provided after the sun goes down, and be scheduled to meet demand requirements.

Steam Turbine Generator

Steam Turbine Generator

Steam turbine generators produce power created by the steam turbine on combined cycle power projects. Steam turbines often weigh over 200 tons, and require settings at elevation over 40 feet above grade. Here, Emmert International is setting a 350-ton steam generator using our tower system, near Waco, Texas.