San Onofre

Emmert International transported four Replacement Steam Generators (RSGs) for the SONGS facility in San Clemente, California.

Comanche Peak

During an outage Emmert replaced two transformers.

Votgle Electic Generating Plant

Emmert International installing steam vessels at the Votgle Electric Generating Plant.

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SONGS RSG Transport

Barge Transport SONGS RSG

The four Replacement Steam Generators (RSGs) were received in pairs by Emmert at the Port of Long Beach, California on Emmert International’s ZB-240 Barge. The RSGs where barged from the port to Camp Pendleton, California.


RSG RO/RO Discharge from Barge

Upon arrival at Camp Pendleton, Emmert discharged the barge using RO/RO methods employing the use of our platform trailer system. The RSGs where transported from the barge RO/RO area to a staging area.

SONGS RSG Transport

RSG Transfer from Platform Trailer to Crawler

Each RSG was then transferred from the platform trailer to a crawler transporter for movement on the beach.

SONGS RSG Transport

RSG on Crawler

Each RSG was transported seven miles at the waterline on the beach from Camp Pendleton to the Las Pulgas Overlook where they were transferred back the platform trailers.

SONGS RSG Transport

RSG on I-5

Another six miles, including a one-mile stretch traveling the opposite way on Interstate-5.

SONGS RSG Transport

Arrival at Site

The four RSGs were delivered to the site safely!