Coke Drum Transport

Emmert transported four coke drum sections from Longview, Washington, to Billings, Montana.

Reactor Vessel Transport

A large crowd gathers as we transport a reactor vessel through Kansas.

Vessel Transport in Texas

This vessel was transported from the manufacturer to a shop, so cladding could be installed.

Chemical Plant Vessel Transport

Emmert International transported this vessel via waterway and highway from Oregon to Washington.

Oil, Gas, & Chemical

Our, Oil, & Gas chemical Market

Emmert International’s success in providing services in the Oil, Gas, and Chemical (OGC) markets is attributed to our world-class innovation and safety. On the ground our field personnel are known industry-wide for exceptional planning and the safe execution of projects required to work in some of the most hazardous conditions.

Emmert International has been designing and implementing engineered transportation and heavy rigging systems for the OGC industries for generations. Our integrated manufacturer-to-rough-set approach has enabled us to move some of the largest equipment, from supplier to foundation. Our dedicated and professional management, logistics personnel, and responsive safe crews have exceeded deadlines during the most critical equipment change-outs and shutdowns, resulting in significant savings to our customers. Emmert International has successfully completed projects for numerous OGC companies, earning the respect and repeat business of our clients.

Safety and reliability are a must when providing engineered transportation and heavy rigging services. Over the years Emmert International has proven to be an innovative leader in safety and reliability. Our reputation is backed by proven performance that has earned us the repeat business of the nation’s largest OGC companies.

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Oil, Gas, and Chemical

The Logistics Experts

Transporting the largest cargos takes planning and precision operations. Our dedicated professionals plan each step using 2D and 3D modeling so there are no surprises.

Oil, Gas and Chemical

Long Distance Travel

Most of Emmert International’s moves are thousands of miles long. Some take us around the world. Each is unique, and most are very large.

Oil, Gas and Chemical

Door to Door Service

Our services often involve multiple modes of transportation. Via highway, marine, and rail, Emmert can deliver the goods from manufacture facility to client destination.