FCC Converter Loading off Barge

Emmert International Transported this 950 ton FCC converter from the port of Everett, WA to Cherry Point, WA. Off-loading this huge vessel onto a beach was increasingly complicated by large tidal variations, weather, and environmental restrictions.

Odd Fellows Building

Moving the Odd Fellows building in Salt Lake City, UT required over 55 dollies and beams in order to support the 5,000,000 pound histroic structure after it had been jacked and cribbed. The move earned Emmert several industry awards.

Snowy Transformer

Emmert International transported this 480,000 pound transformer from Portland, OR via barge and then from highway from Lewiston, ID to Clarkston, WA. Emmert International uses extensive resources and industry experience to overcome obstacles such as snow.


Emmert International moved this 168 ft long Pressure Vessel from Sauder Custom Fabrication in Emporia, Kansas to NCRA Refinery in McPherson, Kansas in July 2004.

Simon Benson

Emmert relocated this historic landmark that is currently the alumni center at Portland State University. The house was built by famous Portland native and philanthropist, Simon Benson.

Historic House Moves

Emmert International relocated this historic structure saving it from demolition. Emmert built its foundation upon such historic moves before bringing its technology, experience, and know-how to the commercial sector.


Our Projects

Emmert’s project team members, logistics coordinators, and transport specialists have contributed to each project’s success and turned the most challenging projects into award winning ventures.

Our performance and commitment to client satisfaction have afforded us repeat business, as our client’s cargo is equally important to us as it is to them.

Emmert has placed the highest standards on every transport opportunity we venture into.

We are proud of every project we complete because we treat each one with the same professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence. Here are just a few of those projects.

With our high level of planning, quality, and detail we put into every task we have been able to excel in the time-critical environment of nuclear plant outages and turnarounds. Our extensive use of the latest in planning and scheduling technology has put us at the forefront of the nuclear power industry.

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As a pronounced authority in specialized transports, we have provided consulting, operational support, and transportation services for several prominent deliveries, including, but not limited to, the Hubble Space Telescope, The Delta IV Rocket, and the relocation of the Howard Hughes’ HK1-Spruce Goose.

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Whether its turbines, transformers, generators, steam drums, HRSG components, or boilers we have the people and equipment to accommodate the most unusual of needs.

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We have extensive experience moving and loading components onto and off of barges, transporting and launching private yachts, small ships, and commercial barges, direct discharge, and RO-RO activities.

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Oil, Gas, & Chemical Projects Emmert International’s success providing services in the Oil, Gas, and Chemical markets is attributed to our world-class innovation and safety. On the ground, our field personnel are known industry wide for exceptional planning and the safe execution of projects required to work in some of the most hazardous conditions

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Mining & Minerals Projects Emmert International’s innovative specialized transportation and heavy lifting solutions have the capacity to handle the enormous scale required in the mining and minerals industry.

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We began as a structural move specialist and continue to thrive as an innovative and conscientious pioneer of structure relocation. Some of our most prestigious awards were earned by relocating large buildings in order to preserve their historical significance.

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We have completed more than 20 projects in the last 6 years in North America. Safely transporting more than 1500 nacelles, we understand how to handle and transport wind components. We have a fleet of trailers and an experienced team specifically dedicated to our Wind Power clients.

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