Comanche Transformers

Emmert International transported and set 2 new transformers, weighing roughly 650 thousand pounds each, to the project site, then removed the older models at approximately the same weights.

Plant Votgle Transformer Exchange

At the Votgle Plant, Emmert International transported, lifted, and set their transformers, weighing approximately 450 thousand pounds, and then removed the older models.

Votgle Pressure Vessel

Emmert International transported and lifted this incredibly large and sensitive steam condensate pressure vessel for Plant Votgle.


Replacement Steam Generators (RSGs) traveled nearly 7 thousand miles after leaving their Japanese manufacturer. Each generator weighs 640 tons.

Nuclear Power

Nuclear Power Projects

With the high level of planning, quality, and detail we put into every task, we excel in the time-critical environment of nuclear plant outages and turnarounds. Our extensive use of the latest in planning and scheduling technology has put us at the forefront of the nuclear power industry.

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