Ponca City Coke Drums

Emmert International barged several coke drums from Houston, TX to the Port of Catoosa, OK, then trans-loaded the drums onto trailers and transported them to Ponca City, OK.

El Sigundo

This reactor vessel had to be transported vertically through the project site using Emmert International's patented dollies, then lifted into place.

FCC Converter

Emmert International Transported this 950 ton FCC converter from the port of Everett, WA to Cherry Point, WA. Off-loading this huge vessel onto a beach was increasingly complicated by large tidal variations, weather and environmental restrictions.

Billings Coke Drums

One of four coke drums transported from Portland, OR via barge to Lewiston, ID then to Billings, MT. These coke drums had diameters of 26 feet and weighed 374,800 lbs a piece.

Oil, Gas & Chemical

Oil, Gas, & Chemical Projects

Emmert International’s success providing services in the Oil, Gas, and Chemical markets is attributed to our world-class innovation and safety. On the ground, our field personnel are known industry wide for exceptional planning and the safe execution of projects required to work in some of the most hazardous conditions

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