Highway Transport

Highway transport using our CA/THP trailers.

Highway Transport

Transformer on a 12-dolly hanging-beam transport system.

Specialized Transport

Transport using our platform trailer system.

Emmert International's gantry system used to offload a 500-ton engine.


Rail Logistics

Emmert International has a full service rail logistics team that can handle the narrowest of margins.

Tower Lift

Emmert International can lift up to 500-tons employing the use of our tower system.

Marine Transport

Barge launching is an integral part of our business.

Highway Transport

An example of Emmert International's 8-dolly transport system, traversing a bridge in the Chocolate Bayou.


Our Services

Emmert International provides a broad range of services including heavy lifting, transport solutions, specialized engineering, structure relocation, and service projects. We deal with all logistics and services pertaining to the heavy, super heavy, over-dimensional, and just about everything else considered¬†massive. We’ll use trucks, trailers, dollies, barges, rail cars, jacks, and just about anything you could think up in order to execute a job with excellence and safety.

We employ dedicated professionals who specialize in heavy lift rigging with the knowledge and expertise to get the job done safely, on time, and on budget.
Our custom heavy lift systems are built specifically for the unique heavy lift demands of any project.

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Emmert International offers a level of logistics service and support that is unmatched in our industry. We provide our own in-house planning, engineering, route surveys, rail clearances, permits, domestic and overseas shipping, and cargo tracking. Our Transport Solutions Team is staffed by experienced and qualified professionals with the knowledge to work with local and state authorities, import/export companies, customs, freight brokers, engineers, and owners.

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We’re still known as one of the leading experts and record holders in this industry. With state-of-the-art equipment, we are more than equipped to take on any sized structure relocation. Our Engineering team’s dedication to innovation has resulted in patented equipment designs and methods that have revolutionized the way the entire structure relocation industry operates.

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We began as a structural move specialist and continue to thrive as an innovative and conscientious pioneer of structure relocation. Some of our most prestigious awards were earned by performing feats like the relocation of the Fairmount Hotel, weighing over three million pounds.

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Emmert has performed a variety of challenging heavy hauling transport and rigging projects.

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