Emmert International Specializes in Heavy-Haul Transport Equipment and Logistics

We relocated our first structure long before Emmert International was officially established. In 1968, we designed and manufactured our first dolly with an integrated jacking system that revolutionized the industry, and is still today considered a benchmark for ingenuity. We are highly regarded as one of the most influential and innovative companies in the industry.

An Industry Leader, As Long As There's Been An Industry.

Emmert International was founded by Terry Emmert, in Clackamas, Oregon, in 1968. As the company grew and expanded, we began designing and manufacturing our own heavy-haul and rigging equipment to meet the unique needs of our customers’ projects.

Such configurations have helped us to consistently complete any job we are assigned, including the relocation of Howard Hughes’ infamous “Spruce Goose,” the Hubbell Telescope, the FermiLab g-2 Cryostat, the LACMA 340-ton Levitated Mass, the Odd Fellows Building in Salt Lake City, and the 3.2 million-pound Fairmont Hotel.

We also specialize in transporting equipment for the power, chemical, and marine industries. We’ve partnered with industrial contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, and utility companies to transport equipment that powers our lives.

Today, Emmert International employs over 150 of the most highly skilled professionals in the industry. We believe our growth and success stand as a testament to the professionalism and expertise that we bring to every job.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continue to challenge conventional wisdom, push the boundaries of engineering technology, and continue to lead the heavy-haul industry. We will achieve this by taking on the biggest, heaviest, most complicated jobs in history and completing them more efficiently and safely than ever before.


The Industry's best-trained, safest, world-class personnel.


State-of-the-art engineering, logistics, and transportation solutions for every job.


First-class, industry leading service, and a commitment to exceed expectations.


Fostering sustainable, long-term growth, and fulfilling career opportunities for every one of our employees.