Howard Hughes built the indomitable Spruce goose in 1947. The 150-ton plane features an entirely wooden frame and wingspan of over 300 feet. Emmert International is proud to have been a part of preserving this historic icon.


Logistics, expertise, and the right equipment, have earned Emmert International the trust and confidence to be a transportation leader in the Aerospace industry.

With Emmert International’s vast logistical knowledge, transportation expertise, and well-maintained, specialized equipment, we have earned the respect and business from notable aerospace companies for the transportation of sensitive components.


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As a pronounced authority in specialized transports, we have provided consulting, operational support, and transportation services for several prominent deliveries, including the Hubble Space Telescope, The Boeing Company’s Delta IV Rocket Program, and the relocation of the Howard Hughes HK1-Spruce Goose from Long Beach, California, to Oregon.

Our project team members, logistics coordinators, and transport specialists have contributed to each project’s success and turned the most challenging projects into award-winning ventures.

Our performance and commitment to client satisfaction have earned us repeat business, because our clients’ cargo is equally important to us as it is to them.

We place the highest standards on every transport opportunity we venture into with our clients.



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It was a true privilege for Emmert International to move the last external fuel tank of the NASA Space Shuttle Program. The Shuttle was Relocated from it's NASA facility in New Orleans to the California Science Center in Los Angeles. The external tank (called ET-94) was moved to be reunited with the Space Shuttle Endeavor. Through city streets and crowds of excited onlookers, Emmert Skillfully and succesfully delivered the historic tank to it's final destination.

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Rocket Section Transport

Despite its size, the cargo transported is delicate and requires special handling

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Logistical Challanges

Transporting cargos for the aerospace industry requires delicate precision. Emmert International transported this rocket section over 2,500 miles.

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Delta IV

Emmert International transported the Delta IV Rockets over 2,000 miles, employing the use of our state-of-the art perimeter beam transport system.

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