Emmert extracting a ferry boat from a reservoir in Utah. The vessel was transported to British Columbia via highway, refurbished and is now on service.


We have extensive experience moving and loading components onto and off of barges, transporting and launching private yachts, small ships, and commercial barges, direct discharge, and RO/RO activities. We’ve worked with companies to provide innovative launch and recovery systems for marine vessels for years. Our overwater experience is unparalleled.

Whether your needs call for logistics consultation or fully integrated transportation systems, Emmert International has a proven track record in achieving success for clients.

If your challenge requires expertise and quality equipment to assist with your marine project, we have the answer you need.


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Emmert has launched hundreds of barges for dozens of customers. Our unique dolly and platform trailer solutions allow us to lauch and recover vessels that weight thousands of tons.

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Barge Transport and Offload

Often cargos are just too large to ship overthe highway. Emmert has years of experience transporting oversize and over dimensional cargos via barge.

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Fish Catcher Launch

Emmert Lanched a 1,500-ton fish catcher in Southwest Washington employing the use of our platform trailer System.

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